August 16, 2009

Review: 39 Clues #5, The Black Circle

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THE 39 CLUES BOOK 5 – THE BLACK CIRCLE by Patrick Carman

When Grace Cahill died, she offered her heirs a choice – either accept a check for a million dollars, or choose to take a clue and be part of a hunt for the secret to the Cahill family’s fame and fortune.

Her grandchildren, Amy and Dan, chose to take a clue. With the help of their au pair Nellie, they’ve travelled the world, collecting further clues and dodging their scheming relatives, each of whom is determined to be the first to acquire the secret.

In this chapter of the series, Amy and Dan are awoken by a hotel clerk with a telegram, and thrown into yet another adventure. An unknown agency identifying itself only as NRR is guiding their steps, forcing them to leave Nellie and Saladin behind and giving them a deadline to follow a series of instructions to track down the next clue – in Russia. Realizing that it will be impossible to meet the deadline on their own, Amy and Dan select an unlikely ally; their cousin, Hamilton Holt.

Unfortunately, while the Holts are cooperating, the Lucian teams are united against them. The Kabras and Irina Spasky will do anything to keep them from uncovering some of Russia’s – and by extention the Lucian branch’s – darkest secrets.

Each of the 39 Clues books deals with a specific period in history, and THE BLACK CIRCLE is no exception. While Amy and Dan hunt for the clue, they learn the stories of the Romanov massacre, the monk Rasputin, and the legend of Anastasia, the Russian grand duchess whose body was never found after the massacre.

Recommended for ages 8 – 14, but adults will enjoy this series, too!


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