June 28, 2009


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Got a story in under the wire for Hadley Rille Books’ Destination Future anthology! Whoever said summer was supposed to be relaxing didn’t have two kids and a deadline for submissions!

Aaaanyway, now that that’s done I’m going to start querying out “Unnatural Selection” again. The rewrite went well, and I’m really happy with it this time – hopefully agents will feel the same! Gilly’s on hold until I feel like dealing with the pacing issues, so it’s time to start outlining the next book, a sort of science fiction/timetravel romance. Watch for more info here!

I borrrowed a new batch of genre YA books from the school library this week when I was catching up on my book processing, so new reviews should be coming soon, too!



  1. Katey said,

    Woohoo, glad to hear it got done on schedule– not to think that it wouldn’t, but since we were just discussing the rush, yes.

    Why is it that pacing issues require the most amount of patience and… I don’t know, freshness. Lack of perspective after a draft? I don’t know, but god, I hate them.

  2. suepenkivech said,

    Well, it got done – but apparently wasn’t what they were looking for. Such is life, right? I’m going to let it sit a few weeks, go back and look at it and see if I can get a fresh perspective on any issues, then resubmit it elsewhere.

    I agree about the pacing issues; sometimes I can recognize them straight off, but it takes time to figure out what to DO with them. In Gilly’s case, I need to figure out in at least general terms where the story is going – at this point, it’s just floundering around. Once I figure out what’s Going to happen, I think fixing the pacing will be easy.

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