March 5, 2009

Reviews – “I, Q” and “Skeleton Creek”

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Am I writing? Yes. But it’s the beginning of the new bookfair season, and I’ve got a stack of books to read – it’s much easier to booktalk if you’ve actually read the books in question. And so…

“I, Q” by Roland Smith

One of the best books of the season thus far, and a must-read for kids who are into action, adventure, and espionage. “I, Q” has has all three – in addition to likeable, believable characters, enough gadgets to make James Bond jealous, and a fast-paced plot. Step-siblings find themselves mixed up in a battle of espionage agencies from various countries, all of which have one goal – to find out whether or not the girl’s “deceased” mother, a former Secret Service agent, is actually dead. Highly recommended for ages 8 (if a strong reader) – 14.

“Skeleton Creek” by Patrick Carman

Technically, I shouldn’t be reviewing this book yet, as I’m only on page 30. On the other hand, I’d hate for anyone to miss out on this, just because I got busy with other things and I haven’t finished it yet.

You know the creepy music that plays in horror movies? The kind that starts quiet and sort of sneaks up on you, building the tension despite the fact your conscious mind doesn’t even acknowledge it’s playing at first?

The mental equivalent of that creepy music began playing on page 1 of “Skeleton Creek”. On the surface, it seems innocuous – a pair of teens decided to find out why their town had been renamed back in the 70’s. It’s clear that their curiosity has landed them in trouble, though – there was some sort of accident, and the main character is confined to his room, writing laboriously in his journal. His best friend is still out there, though, with her video camera – and sending him the footage, which you can watch right along with him via the internet by typing in the codes in the book.

As multimedia book experiences go, I’ve got to say, the concept is unique. I’m looking forward to getting back to the book soon, because I want to know what’s going on – and what’s already taken place.

Recommended highly to middle and high schoolers. Possibly younger with a high scare tolerance.

Forthcoming review: “39 Clues: The Sword Thief”, probably later this week.



  1. Katey said,

    Whoa, Skeleton Creek sounds amazing– and like something I’d be really, really into. Oh how I love bookfair season, when I can get the good tips from you 😀

  2. suepenkivech said,

    Hee! Well, I’m working for Scholastic these days, so you can get tips year round. My boss has discovered I’ll read anything he sends me, so he’s sending me a Lot.

    Not that I’m complaining, you understand. 😉

    I’ve got one for you, though – The Chronicles of Vladamir Tod, Eighth Grade Bites. If nothing else, you’ve Got to check out the cover. I spent all of last season chuckling at Vlad’s sweatshirt.

  3. Katey said,

    … dude. I so need one of those.

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